Forest Fire Management Victoria includes staff from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Parks Victoria, VicForests and Melbourne Water.

Our purpose is to protect people, property and the environment by reducing the risk and impact of major bushfires on Victoria's parks, forests and other public land.

Our new approach to bushfire fuel management is about doing more to reduce this risk, and being more effective in how we do it.

We do this by reducing fuel loads – the shrubs, bark and leaf litter that fuel bushfires – through planned burning and other activities, like slashing, mowing and creating fuel breaks. We also maintain water points and look out points in Victoria's beautiful forests and parks.

Our firefighters are easily identifiable by our distinctive green overalls, and work alongside the CFA, other emergency services and local communities to provide the most appropriate approach to bushfire risk and management within Victoria. We also manage community and environmental recovery when a fire does occur.

Local knowledge and community input is at the heart of delivering this important work, along with world leading bushfire science and modelling technology.

Everyone has a role to play in managing and understanding bushfire risk and we are committed to working alongside communities to do this.

Frequently asked questions

What is Forest Fire Management Victoria?

Forest Fire Management Victoria includes staff from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Parks Victoria, VicForests and Melbourne Water

Why was the new name created?

A new name is a key part of the government's approach to implementing one of the recommendations of the Lancefield-Cobaw fire investigation recommendations. This recommendation relates to the branding of public land fire management portfolio to create an enduring entity for building stronger and more sustainable relationships with the community.

The intention is for the new name to be long-lasting and make our role in fire management and planned burning on public land immediately clear to the community and our stakeholders.

Is Forest Fire Management Victoria part of DELWP or a separate entity?

Forest Fire Management Victoria is not a separate organisation or entity and does not have any separate accountabilities to DELWP. It is a name that represents our on-ground role in fire management and planned burning, alongside Parks Victoria, VicForests and Melbourne Water, that will help people better identify us.

Is there a Forest Fire Management Victoria logo?

Yes. People will notice the new brand applied to uniforms, personal protective equipment, vehicles and other equipment. On ground crews will still be identifiable by their distinctive green overalls.

How much will the new brand cost to implement?

The cost of implementing the new brand will be kept to a minimum as it will only apply to a part of the department. The new branding will be progressively implemented as personal protective equipment, uniforms and plant and equipment is replaced on an as needs basis.

What does this mean for how I communicate with DELWP?

Implementation of the new brand will not affect your dealings with DELWP in any way. You can still continue to contact and interact with the department as you normally would.

Contact numbers

DELWP General enquiries: 136 186

VicEmergency Hotline: 1800 226 226

Planning and Local Government Switchboard: 03 9208 3333

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